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The Super Bowl...and running off that Buffalo Chicken Dip (P.S. Go Eagles!)

TM is a Philadelphia-based company, so you could say we’re a *little* amped for this year’s Super Bowl. And so is, apparently, the entire running community. We’ve typed up a list of all the recent news at the intersection of these two great American pastimes: football and running. (Not easy to do while sporting giant green foam fingers, btw…)

  1. Four-time Olympian Shalane Flanagan, who this fall became the first American woman to win the NYC marathon in four decades, will costar in a Super Bowl commercial for Michelob Ultra, alongside actor Chris Pratt and a slew of other top athletes. The gist? This beer is low in carbs and calories, so it’s easy to run (or swim or bike or golf) off. The fact that Shalane is a Pats fan? We’ll overlook it.
  1. Runners across the country will participate this weekend in Super Bowl-themed running events. The largest will take place on Sunday morning, with 8,000 people competing in Redondo Beach’s Super Bowl 10k. Among the participants will be 85-year-old cancer survivor David Harper, who has raced every year of the event’s 40-year history. Face paint is optional; team spirit is not.
  1. Also this weekend, the “Super Bowl of cross country,” the USA Track and Field Cross Country Championships, will take place at Tallahassee’s 100-acre Apalachee Regional Park. Among the competitors? Three-time Olympian and 2017 Chicago marathon winner (and self-described football fan) Galen Rupp.
  1. According to The New York Times, runners have an added incentive to tune into Super Bowl 52 – the players are fast. Like, awe-inspiringly fast. Think 22-miles-per-hour-while-wearing-full-gear fast. And by mimicking player training, experts say, you might gain a competitive edge.

In the meantime, you might consider going for a shake-out run before the big game, to help calm your nerves. Just be careful to look where you’re going, so you don’t end up like this unfortunate Eagles fan…

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