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How To Run in The Snow

When a bomb cyclone hits, like it did this week on the east coast, runners may be tempted to hide out under the covers with a mug of something warm. But even extreme hygge can get old (no, really) and eventually a runner will start twitching for the streets.

            But running through snow and ice can be dangerous or, in some cases, even comical. Remember how much mileage (heh) the running community got out of this viral clip, featuring a perfectly timed slip in the white stuff a couple years ago?

            To avoid nursing a bruised tailbone (or ego), there are things you can do to make your winter runs more safe…

  1. Layer up. A good outfit guide for your specific temperature reading can be found here.
  2. Grab a Trishmoves. Thanks to thermogenesis, eating helps warm your body. Thirty minutes to one hour after consuming food, the body generates 10 percent more heat than it would on an empty stomach.
  3. Wear trail shoes. They’ll increase traction. A pair of Yaktrax, available from your local running store, will also do the trick.
  4. Hydrate. It may not seem as important as it does under a blazing summer sun, but that kind of thinking is how you end up face down in a snowbank.
  5. Shorten your stride. You’ll see better stability.
  6. Head off-road. Trails will be less icy than road.
  7. Use your foam roller. Running in snow taxes your muscles more, and may lead to increased soreness you’ll want to head off at the pass.

And then there’s the most important thing to remember: Enjoy the experience. And that mug of something hot, too, when you’re all finished. Hygge’s always better when you’ve earned it...

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